Access our Academy and discover all the advantages

Access our Academy and discover all the advantages

ZoneRiflesse Academy stems from the need of many professionals of wanting to improve and implement their own massage techniques for their clients and patients at a particularly convenient price.

Inside you will find all the video tutorials explained step-by-step with a language that is always clear and understandable. Each step is filmed from different angles in order to increase the quality of your experience within our academy and thus increase your skills more and more …

Think about all the new customers you will have with all the new techniques you will be able to perform on them. You will be able to handle all their requests to solve their problems with extreme professionalism.

How does our Academy work?


The greatest advantage that you will have if you register to our Academy is that you will be able to access all the video tutorials and educational materials that can be browsed (ebooks). All the techniques will be at your service…


You will be able to access it whenever you want without any time limit. You can access it from any computer, from your smartphone, tablet at any time of the day (while you’re at work, while you’re at home, on the bus or while you’re on vacation …)

What are the benefits?

Instead of paying the full price for each course (spending much more) … with a very low monthly fee you will be able to watch ALL the courses you want, and you will always have them at hand without having to worry about having to download them and lose so much time …. (we have removed the download option). At any time of the day you can decide which video you want to watch to learn the various steps to use on your customers. Remember: “if the customer is satisfied, he will come back to you many times, but if you can’t give him a real solution to his problem … you will lose a customer”

How long does my stay at the Academy last?

There is no minimum or maximum time limit. You decide how long you want to stay subscribed. You can stay a month if you want or stay for several months … Give yourself time to learn the various manual skills so that you can apply them to all your clients and patients, thus giving a great benefit to all of them.

Is it better to buy every single course so that you can download it or stay a member of the Academy?

Consider that if you buy the course, you pay more, while by registering to the Academy with a cheaper price you can also watch all the other techniques and obtain the certificate. While it is true that you cannot download it, it is also true that you have the advantage of being able to access all the videos in complete freedom from any fixed and mobile device …

What is the validity of the certificate that is issued at the end of each course?

The certificate is of personal recognition and it is very important to you. What we can confirm with absolute certainty is that 99% of students print and hang it both in their studios and keep it for their own curriculum, thus demonstrating their constant commitment to training for the sake of their patients and clients.

The legal value varies according to the country you live in… (keep in mind that we are present in over 100 countries in the world, so it is difficult to give you an answer that is valid for all countries …).

Ok you have convinced me, what other advantages do I have when I register to your Academy?

You will be able to access all the NEW video-courses that will be produced shortly without having to pay for them separately (to further implement the techniques that are available).

By now it is the most popular choice for thousands of students worldwide … it is the most flexible choice precisely because you have no time obligation and you can decide to unsubscribe whenever you want (just write an email to without having to give any explanation. During your stay in the membership you will be able to watch all the videos without any time limit …

Advice and recommendation from Francesco Ciaccia

I have been part of this wonderful wellness sector since 1998 and I’ve been teaching various techniques in major Italian and foreign cities since 2011. I have personally seen the evolution that thousands of my students have had with these techniques and every day I receive emails from people who thank me heartily for how much all the video tutorials have been useful to improve their professionalism and how many more patients they have every day.

So, my only goal is to simply make myself useful for your training so that you can take full advantage of it. Put it this way, if you want … access your new Academy, watch all the videos, if you change your mind then consider that you can also unsubscribe the next day (although I know it won’t happen because you will fall in love with it)

A big hug

Francesco Ciaccia

Try it and you will be very satisfied

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