Back pain: alternative solutions

Back pain: alternative solutions

Do you suffer from back pain and looking for a remedy?
Do not worry, you are in the right place … Now I tell you how to prepare a domestic toolkit without spending much money…. Ok? The first thing to do is figure out if the back pain is caused is of inflammation or traumatic origin … the great thing is this remedy that I am about to unveil it makes no difference whether it is one or the other …. however, it will give a good relief anyway!
If you are a massage therapist, a beautician, osteopath, physiotherapist or holistic practitioner, you can use this system on all your clients without contraindications because it is not invasive!

Meanwhile, you have to provide the adhesive tape usually sold in pharmacies … buy a “flesh” color tape, not elastic and 5 cm thick! It costs about 9.70 euro (5 meters). Then manage to get a pair of scissors without tips. Finally, you will need some wooden stick to lower the tongue… These can also be found in pharmacy for about 5 euros (100 sticks) … Make sure you do not buy sterile ones … we do not need them to be sterile because they are not meant to be used as a tongue depressor but as a support for the back!

Lumbar region highlighted with marker


♦ As you can see from this picture I have highlighted the lower back…. you can see the sacrum and laterally iliac crests … our goal is to create a sort of small bust supporting your back when it is in pain, inflammation, or even worse: “hernia.”

Lumbar region support


♦ In the picture, you can see where the two sticks will be positioned…. Not to irritate the skin, we will put them only in contact with the tape bought in pharmacy! This picture, however, makes you see very well their exact positioning … that is the reason why I posted this image! Ok? Let’s move on …

Low back with two bands on paravertebral zone


♦ Did you get how to apply the two adhesive tapes? I highly recommend this application should not be done after a massage with oils or creams because then the tape will not stick! Back pain is very common in this area; you will see you will have great results! If the person is very hairy in this area, it is wiser to inform that taking tapes off will cause a bit annoying “waxing” effect… so if the treatment is at home, make a quick hair removal before the start.


♦ Then place the sticks on the tape you just applied so that they are not in contact with the skin and not in the way!

You can apply the sticks with adhesive tape


♦ That is how the sticks look like before applying them on the areas in contact with the skin!


♦ All is clear so far, isn’t it? Apply both sticks making sure to remain on the bands you’ve already put in contact with the skin! These will provide a great support for your back pain and for all the times that our customers will experience fatigue in this area!


♦ To strengthen the all of it I recommend to apply a horizontal support as shown in the photo above.

Here we go! Even the second horizontal support has been inserted in the sacral area. As you can see, we have created a valuable support for the low back area! Be careful, it is just a temporary help. It is always advisable to seek the advice of your doctor and even better of your massage therapist or physical therapist! However, I wanted to provide you an easy remedy to apply and you can prescribe to be held for 3-4 days … You can also make the shower with the application of the tape and of the sticks without problems!

That’s all for now! Over and out!

Francesco Ciaccia

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We’ve prepared a few step by step demonstration videos to let you discover how to immediately put these techniques into practise.

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  1. Your post captures the issue pelrtcefy!

  2. Dear, I am suffering from back pain. Can you please suggest me the full course of treatment for this. Also, your website is very good for aspirants of career in massage therapy. I can work as representative for NEPAL 🇳🇵 and Thailand 🇹🇭 and assist to sell your business and award of certification. Thanks for your attention to this matter and please let me know if you are interested in this proposal.

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