foot reflexology

The second part of Foot Reflexology Course is aimed at learning the advanced techniques of reflexology You will learn to Stimulate and Soothe the various reflex zones of the feet to rebalance them, to understand where to intervene by doing a careful analysis and evaluation of the foot.  After taking the [..]

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Cellulite SOS: solve this imperfection with lymphatic drainage Cellulite is the nightmare of millions and millions of women. Did you ever think to solve it with the sessions of LYMPHODRAINAGE? Follow me and I will explain you why this treatment might solve your problems!Cellulite is an inflammation of the subcutaneous [..]

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The art of massage is something that you start practicing and never stop learning, because it implies a progressive and deeper level of consciousness. It is a gentle art but remember that only 10% of the work is driven by technique, 90% is love, passion and commitment!If you feel love [..]

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