Cervical massage

Tell me the truth, you have landed over this blog looking for the CERVICAL MASSAGE, trying to steal every astute secret!

Well I will try not to disappoint you!

First, you should know that it could be executed in different ways…. To tell the truth there are an infinite number but I will try to catalog and explain to you how to approach immediately the best technique!

kneading with two hands

1) The first undisputed cervical massage technique consists of kneading with two hands! Easy, don’t you think? Position yourself aside your “guinea pig” and begin to knead the whole of the trapezius muscles (from the base of the shoulders up to the hairline, do not miss a centimeter …)


2) The second cervical massage technique is the so called “detachment“, as I illustrate during the metameric massage course, over the back, indeed … from the spinal cord branch off a multitude of nerves which then lead throughout the body … If these go tense (also for “stress” reasons…) you will notice a disturbing tension around the neck that can eventually reach out the head area up to the facial muscles. In this case you have to work the whole neck area by skin detachment (palpè-roulé) from the column to the outside …

Lymphatic drainage

3) If the cervical area is inflamed, you should do the lymphatic drainage and not a neck massage! Do you know how to make it? Simple, you have to make small pumps from top to bottom in the direction of the neck … A very light and sweet dexterity in order to just move the lymph, touching as little as possible the deeper muscles, toxic infused, that keeps the inflammation active

Techniques for masseur therapists

4) Manipulations … ehhh you like to make it easy !!!! These are chiropractor, osteopath, physician or physiotherapist skills… if you do not fall into one of these categories, you cannot do them! What you can do however, is some neck stretching towards right – left, up – down and turning it gently on its axis in the left and right direction (with virtually the chin that comes close to the shoulder of the customer …)

Truth be told there would be other massage techniques but I will not dwell too much … For instance, some finger pressure stimulation of the trigger points! These are points that are stimulated deep and usually result very painful when pressed….












So thinking about us, what to do for a good neck massage? My advice is to work initially in … kneading…let us say for about 5-7 minutes… then focus well in some detachment maneuver. Treat well throughout all the cervical area, shoulders and detach well the whole of the skull base area … Ok?

Only if the cervical is inflamed you cannot even touch it and then will work only in lymphatic drainage to “move” and drain the toxic charge of the lymph! I do not recommend you right now more manual operations … not because they are not valid but because it’s hard to illustrate them through an article! My advice is to access also to my massage courses … you have already seen the free preview, haven’t you? if you can also find them browsing down here:

For today it is all about the neck massage techniques …. I hope I have been helpful and I would appreciate a comment below! See you soon …

Francesco Ciaccia

We’ve prepared a few step by step demonstration videos to let you discover how to immediately put these techniques into practise.

You’ll find all the materials clicking on the green button below:


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