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Metameric Massage video course

Discover what is the Metameric Massage: everything we hold at an emotive level is then somatised on the body creating high tensions on the Metameres. This video-course will teach you, step by step, how to massage the body in order to improve the blood flow to the organs guaranteeing an immediate huge enhancement of every vital function.


Foot Reflexology Video Course 1st Level

Check out our Reflexology 1st Level: I will teach you how to massage the various reflex points in order to relax, rebalance and unwind the body. After taking this course you will be able to solve many problems just by using foot massage


Specific Treatments Video Course

The Specific Treatments video course represents the actual part of which problems you will encounter among your customers that come to your studio: you will learn how to solve a problem through massage treatments. It often consists of back pain, headache, ankle pain, etc. In these video courses I will provide a handful step by step guide to all these problems.


Foot Reflexology Video Course 2nd Level

To take advantage of Foot Reflexology at its highest level, you need advanced techniques to achieve more results and more rewards through a complete comprehension and a deep understanding of the Reflex Areas: check out this video course on Foot Reflexology 2nd level to learn more!


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