manual metameric massageFind out how to DRASTICALLY decrease the 90% of the imperfections of the FACE and the BODY thanks to this TECHNIQUE (with immediate results).

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You can easily access the entire METAMERIC MASSAGE ebook (created for beauticians) with the explanation of all METAMERES, DERMALGIAS, and how to massage both LEGS and ARMS.

metameres and emotions

Inside the course you will find the explanation of how to solve most of the imperfections at the root

  • What are the 3 ZONES: Oxygenation, Assimilation, Elimination
  • What are the Metameres and how to massage them
  • How to identify the metameres and how to stimulate them
  • How to identify Dermalgias and how to stimulate them
  • How to achieve IMMEDIATE results by working on areas that are particularly sensitive to the massage
  • Hoe to solve most of the imperfections of the face and body at the root


The book consists of 161 pages

Inside the book you will also find 62 images for a better comprehension.

I will explain the technique to stimulate both the metameres and the dermalgias in order to achieve great results… Consider that many beauticians use this technique with great success and satisfaction.

What are you waiting for? You can access the full book after the payment!

  • What are the 3 zones
  • Primary Emotions
  • When to work on Dermalgias
  • How to work on small intestine
  • How to work on the points connected to the heart
  • How to work on the stomach
  • How to work on the spleen
  • How to work on the pancreas
  • How to work on the lungs
  • How to work on the large intestine
  • How to work on the uterus and the prostate
  • How to work on the ovaries and the testicles
  • How to work on the liver
  • How to work on the gall bladder
  • How to work on the kidneys and the urethra
  • How to work on the urinary bladder
  • The connective tissue
  • Practical Part

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This book is aimed only at beauticians who want to make a difference in the market

  • Spa owners
  • employees
  • aesthetics students


manual metameric massage

Only 7.70$


position of the nerves

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Hi Francesco! I bought your video course on Metameric Massage and I loved it! I improved my skills and I learn many new massage techniques…

You’re the best teacher I’ve ever met, I want to thank you for everything you do!


Dmytro Shvets

I want to thank you for everything you do 🙂

I bought your video courses and they help me a lot… I learned many new techniques and what I like about your courses is that I can always watch them again in case I forget something. I’m so glad I met you, even if we’ve never talked face to face I feel like I know you because you were able to make me feel “part of the family” through your video-courses.


Chiara Gerace Logiudice

I’m so lucky because I met Francesco and his staff.
They created a real masterpiece… easy to understand even for beginners.
You put your heart and soul in your works.

Lilia Rosca

Hello Francesco.

Your video courses are, to say the least, INCREDIBLE!

Despite the intrinsic complexity of the subject you teach, your lectures are marvellously simple. I would suggest these courses to everyone but especially to the skeptics.

Francesco’s teaching abilities are his natural talent, you have plenty of it to sell man!

My most sincere congratulations, you can tell you put a lot of dedication and love in your passion. In addition of getting of your video courses I will also take part in your courses in person.

Loredana Calzavara (physiotherapist)

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