duration of the course: 3 hours

 390$ =  93% off = $27.30


879 students already enjoyed it with great satisfaction!

(Total Duration: 3 hours)

If you want you can also receive the complete Certificate for a very small price with your NAME, SURNAME and DATE to hang on your studio, or to keep for yourself in order to enrich your CV, please send us a quick email at 

Review #1

You are probably practicing Foot Reflexology and you have already discovered the first results, but would you also like to achieve excellence?

Did you realize that some Reflex Areas are less responsive than others and would you like to understand why and fix this? To take advantage of Foot Reflexology at its highest level, you need advanced techniques to achieve more results and more rewards through a complete comprehension and a deep understanding of the Reflex Areas.


As you probably already know, my name is Francesco Ciaccia, leader in Italy concerning teaching materials, both for beginners and professionals.

Our school stands out from others either for courses accessibility and for the teaching format; we are the only ones who provide video courses you can watch every time you wish, so you can teach yourself massage techniques from home in the most effective way there is.



Review #2

To better understand which advantages you are going to get today, learning every Massage dynamic through our videos, consider what you are going to receive:

  • You will get step by step explanations with many slo-motion videos
  • You will maximise your learning with easy and effective pictures
  • You will be able to watch the course every time you wish, not only once like during a traditional class
  • You will save a lot of money because you will avoid wasting it on traveling (hotel rooms, flights, etc)
  • You will not need to sacrifice working days or weekends with your family
  • You will get everything for a small price, even starting today
  • You will keep your course for you and share it with the ones you love

To be honest, when I started I didn’t know absolutely nothing concerning this topic. I just had a great passion: to understand the relationship between science, emotions and massage.

I then started to attend EVERY course available in Europe investing money every year. The last personal border could not be different from Foot Reflexology Massage.

The huge number of customers asking me about Foot Reflexology Massage forced me to create courses on different levels, allowing you to master every technique through effective learning materials you will follow step by step.

Thousands of people already choose this specific course and say they can consider themselves 100% satisfied. In the first place this left me astounded, but then I realised just how complete and high-quality this course is. The results are simply incredible.

Review #3

You will learn:

  • Many more new Reflex Areas than the Foot Reflexology -1st Level video course and how to treat them
  • How do the DIAGNOSIS (energy assessments of the foot) to prevent and treat disorders
  • Which are the psychosomatic aspects and how they affect the body
  • Which are the anatomical insights needed to understand every aspect of Foot Reflexology with an extensive explanation edited by Dr. Alberto Alessandri
  • How to improve your understanding through the videos that will guide you step by step into the realization of treatments through a technical but clear and simple language

In addition to all these skills, which are considered compulsory in order to give an amazing massage, you will discover that these lectures will be necessary because:

  • You will have the knowledge necessary to consider yourself a professional Reflexologist
  • More and more people will want to ask for your professional new skills
  • You will gift and an incredible wellness feeling and people will be thankful for saving the root cause
  • Gratification from your customers will be petrol to keep on doing this job
  • Your personal agenda will be full of appointments from new customers

    Review #4

Remember this. The customer notices you are keeping yourself up to date and will be extremely thankful!

What will this mean? It means that every time you learn new skills to show your customers they will notice the difference and will appreciate your never ending effort trying to keep up to date and make the best out of your job.

They will not only appreciate it, but will be willing to set new appointments with you to try new techniques. The result? You will earn way more money and they will be way more satisfied.

Ordering the course is very easy.

 390$ =  93% off = $27.30

(As for today. The course comes with some gifts included in the price) 

Until Sunday

duration of the course: 3 hours


 390$ =  93% off = $27.30

Until Sunday


There are 3 methods of payment:

  1. Payment by CREDIT CARD or DEBIT CARD
  2. Payment with PAYPAL
  3. Payment by WIRE TRANSFER to ZoneRiflesse Company Srl (International Iban: IT44Q 05034 60750 0000 0000 0931 ;  BIC/SWIFT:  BAPPIT21180)

Review #5

What does the Reflexology Course come with?

These benefits are only a small part of what you will achieve by trying, so I would like to summarize the contents of this reflexology course you are about to begin:

  • 12 video courses, 1 mp3 podcast, the diagnosis chart in PDF format and a comprehensive manual (also in PDF format) with all the steps required to mastering each technique
  1. Video of organs psychosomatics
  2. Videos with new stimulations areas on the reflex points
  3. Video on how to fill in the diagnosis form
  4. 2 videos of anatomy by Dr. Alberto Alessandri
  5. 7 fantastic videos of step by step description of some customers in their diagnosis of the foot (priceless)
  6. mp3 podcast on how to make a correct diagnosis in Foot Reflexology
  7. Diagnosis card in pdf (impossible to find in web and anywhere else because I made it by myself)
  8. Video on how to proceed to the first treatment, step by step guided
  9. PDF Handbook (43 pages) which include both the first and the second part of reflexology

Together with the course you will receive the diagnosis sheet in order to document the feedback of the feet of the person and being able to following in time by evaluating the progress.

This course is ideal for those who already know that Reflexology is compulsory for Holistic professionals.

Good so far. But this is not a spurious anatomy video course or a photo book full of complicated words about Reflexology Techniques. Today you are going to take on the most complete video course available on the market about Reflexology. You will start using these techniques with whoever you want, obtaining immediate and important results.


My name is Francesco Ciaccia and I am a professional masseur and reflexologist. Since 1998 I have been working in this field in my studio in Gorizia, Italy and I have been taking lectures throughout the main Italian cities since 2012. Find out more about me, Francesco Ciaccia.

What has always had a positive impact on my job is the wish to transmit all my knowledge to others, gifting all that wellness you would like all your loved ones to feel.

I was just a 19-year-old guy when I took on this profession. I attended EVERY course available in Europe investing a lot of money every year. These courses helped me mastering every technique I can now perform.

My greatest passion is to teach others all my knowledge, in order to train highly skilled people. You can take on this profession and make the difference in the holistic world!

Schermata 2015-05-30 alle 20.04.54


The process needed to realise this video course package took a tremendous amount of hours of hard work and dedication. Its value, considering every single minute of video, would be $997.

I want to make it accessible to everyone, allowing you to get it for $394, making every hour of my life I spent leaning about this topic useful for as many people as possible.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We considered offering it for an even more accessible price, just for this week! This offer will end in a few days.

Do you know why I am giving away the Reflexology Video Course for such a small price?

For the simple reason I am SURE you will enjoy it and leave an amazing review on my website, contributing to make it grow, even if it is already the best for the quality of its contents and the amount of visits we receive every single day.

In addition, I want to offer the course with a guarantee nobody else could give you. Get the video course package today and take your time to watch it carefully: if you are not happy with it for any reason, you will get your money back without asking you any question.

However, I reckon this will be your most important purchase and for this reason here is an offer you cannot miss!



Ordering the course is very easy.

 390$ =  93% off = $27.30

Until Sunday

duration of the course: 3 hours


 390$ =  93% off = $27.30


There are 3 methods of payment:

  1. Payment by CREDIT CARD or DEBIT CARD
  2. Payment with PAYPAL
  3. Payment by WIRE TRANSFER to ZoneRiflesse Company Srl (International Iban: IT44Q 05034 60750 0000 0000 0931 ;  BIC/SWIFT:  BAPPIT21180)

P.S.: You do not need “special requirements” to take part in this Video Course; in fact you will be excited as you realise how easy it is to learn with videos that explain everything step by step.

P.S. #2: If you view this purchase as an investment, after giving 1 massage you will have made it worth the money. If you do it for passion you will have invested on your training path and it will always be worth as well.

P.S. #3: This program is different and unique compared to any other, because it explains everything unequivocally and takes you step by step to the realization of many Reflexology Techniques.

P.S. #4: Have you carefully read my “UNCONDITIONAL WARRANTY”? Have you ever seen such a guarantee before? This is the best investment you can do and it is 100% safe.

Here is what people have to say about our video courses:

I’ve done the foot reflexology course with Francesco Ciaccia and I can tell you that he was born to teach massage and in addition he’s also a very nice person. I had the opportunity to learn this wonderful technique which helped me a lot in my job. Thanks to Francesco’s video-course I learned how to solve many problems only by using the reflexology.

I suggest you all try his courses… they’re amazing!


Sandra Fiori

There are a lo of courses you can choose, I’ve done many, but when you come across Francesco’s video-courses you find what you really need. He doesn’t waste time, he can be very professional and funny at the same time… this is what makes the difference…and he’s ready to work with his hands and heart. You’re the best!

If you want to invest in the future then I suggest you try Francesco’s courses!

Carmela De Simone

Good morning Francesco, I read your e-mail this morning and I’m happy that you care about us, (I’m pretty sure that there are so many of us who follow you).
The first time that I came across your site I was curious about the presentation of your massage videos and I wanted to try the reflexology course, because it’s already one of my passions.
I think that your video-courses are organized very well. That is why I followed all your courses up to the sports massage.
I am very excited about the work you are doing and I hope to follow you for a long time. My passion for massage is very strong and thanks to your videos I’m learning a lot.

Many affectionate greetings and best wishes of good work for your video-courses.

Salvatore Pititto

In case you have any doubt or any special request please do not hesitate to contact us:






Is the certificate valid to open a business?

The certificate has the value of personal recognition. You can hang it in your office if you want. To open a massage parlor you must first attend the course in person. There is always time to open your parlor and pay taxes. This video course will help you to learn to take the first steps into the world of Holistic Massage.

How do I download the course?

Easy, once you complete the payment a page will pup up and you will find the links to download directly onto your computer the whole course.

Can I only watch on streaming?

Yes there is  streaming option, there are links to download it directly to your computer (if you need to take it with you, you can copy it on a USB pen drive).

I have never made an online purchase, how can I trust this?

We have been selling courses since 2010 and you can check out our Italian VAT number (IT01162460313) and verify our existence in the Italian market (our company is based in Thiene, Italy).

Can I pay with a credit card like American Express?

Sure! You can use any major credit card including MasterCard, Visa, Maestro and American Express. If you wish to use PayPal there is even an option to go for that.

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