This offer lasts until Sunday 

Immediate Release Techniques

duration of the course: 2 hours

 470$ =  90% off = $47.00

This offer lasts until Sunday ,

then the final price will then increase


duration of the course: 2 hours


If you request it via email you will receive the certification filled in with your NAME, SURNAME and DATE to show in your office, or to keep in your curriculum and your professional training (as a small supplement)

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The secret to success in the world of massages is to solve a problem!

Let me explain: When people come to get a massage, they often have a problem to solve, for which they resort to massages.These are often, for example, problems with cystitis, Morton’s neuroma, gastric reflux, etc…. In these videos I will give you a step-by-step guide to solve all these issues.

It is clear that the more problems you are able to solve, the more successful you will be at your job (and consequently an increase in the number of customers will come to you). If you don’t know how to treat all these problems, you’re literally losing customers every day. Isn’t that a shame? I’ve also given you access to free demo videos so you can see the free previews.

If these areas of the back remain in tension, they alternate the optimal functioning of the different organs and viscera thus creating disturbances throughout the body!

Estimated customers increase after implementing this course: +400%


My name is Francesco Ciaccia and I am the reference in Italy for training in massage techniques for beginners and professionals.

Our school stands out from all the others both for the low prices and for the didactic form; we are the only one in Italy to provide you with the recordings of the courses so you can train from home, reviewing the course every time you wish and allowing you to learn calmly and effectively.


The advantages of this course


  • Step by step explanatory videos with lots of images
  • Maximum learning thanks to the images
  • You can watch it as many times as you like… (instead of only one time like in traditional courses)!
  • It costs 10 times LESS than a traditional course
  • You don’t have to pay for a hotel!
  • You don’t have to pay to move with a car/train…!
  • You don’t waste working days!
  • The course will be available to you forever!


Here’s what you will learn in this course:


  1. Unlocking of the trigeminal nerve
  2. Unlocking of the gastric reflux
  3. Unlocking of constipation
  4. Treatment for cystitis
  5. Treatment to quit smoking
  6. Treatment for hand’s and feet’s excessive sweating
  7. Treatment for alopecia
  8. Treatment to increase breast milk in new mothers
  9. Treatment for halitosis and frequent caries
  10. Treatment for repeated cramps
  11. Treatment for sleepwalking and teeth grinding
  12. Treatment for constant nightmares
  13. Treatment for prostate related problems
  14. Unlocking of facial hemi-paresis
  15. Unlocking of impotence, frigidness and higher libido
  16. Unlocking of psoriasis
  17. Treatment on the tongue to sto the first cervicals
  18. Treatment for chronic fatigue
  19. Treatment for pollen allergies
  20. Treatment for food allergies
  21. Unlocking of Morton’s neuroma

Watch the video preview:

You are probably going to use the same techniques for a lot of time, which is going to be annoying both for you and your clients

It will be hard for you to be considered one of the best masseurs in your city

You risk making wrong treatments to your customers, which would literally “run away” from you (they aren’t going to come back if you aren’t able to solve their problems)

If you are already an expert it is going to take longer for you to solve those problems

It’s not hard to tell the difference between those who are good at a massage and those who improvise it

Here’s what’s going to happen after you take this course:

The number of the massages that you give will increase and the same will happen to the number of “solved problems”

Because of that, your income and your personal satisfaction will increase

The voices about your skills will spread around and you will receive a lot more customers and appointments

The happiness of your customers will make you happy too


Remember, the more you keep up to date, the more you will love this job and the more customers will love it too

What does that mean? It means that every time you learn a new skill to propose to your customers they will notice and appreciate your continuous effort in trying to stay up to date to do your job better.

Not only will they appreciate it, but are they also willing to make new appointments to try new techniques! Results? You earn more and they are more satisfied.


What does the instant unlocking techniques course include?

Inside you will find the book with all the written passages and images photographed in detail for an impeccable understanding.

In addition, you’ll find 21 free videos

I’m not offering you a basic dvd of anatomy or a book of photos and abstruse words about physiotherapy: I’m offering you my course on Instant Unlocking Techniques!

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Ordering couldn’t be easier:

The value of these videos is about 50 $ each. The total should therefore be 1.050$ (50$ x 21 videos). However, I decided to offer them to you at a very low price so that you can have them all without spending a fortune.


duration of the course: 2 hours

 470$ =  90% off = $47.00

This offer lasts until Tomorrow ,

then the final price will then increase



There are 3 methods of payment:

  1. Payment by CREDIT CARD or DEBIT CARD
  2. Payment with PAYPAL
  3. Payment by WIRE TRANSFER to ZoneRiflesse Company Srl (International Iban: IT44Q 05034 60750 0000 0000 0931 ;  BIC/SWIFT:  BAPPIT21180)

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Ordering couldn’t be easier:



The value of these videos is about 50 $ each. The total should therefore be 1.050$ (50$ x 21 videos). However, I decided to offer them to you at a very low price so that you can have them all without spending a fortune.


P.S. :If you are buying this course as an investment it will only take you 3-4 massages to earn back what you spent. If you are doing this because you are passionate about this profession it will always be useful for you

P.P.S. :This course differs from the others because it explains in detail step by step how to become a professional in those massaging techniques


 470$ =  90% off = $47.00

This offer lasts until Sunday ,

then the final price will then increase

Here you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions, for any other request please do not hesitate to contact us at the email:



Is the certificate valid to open a business?

The certificate has the value of personal recognition. You can hang it in your office if you want. To open a massage parlor you must first attend the course in person. There is always time to open your parlor and pay taxes. This video course will help you to learn to take the first steps into the world of Holistic Massage.

How do I download the course?

Easy, once you complete the payment a page will pup up and you will find the links to download directly onto your computer the whole course.

Can I only watch on streaming?

Yes there is streaming option, there are links to download it directly to your computer (if you need to take it with you, you can copy it on a USB pen drive).

I have never made an online purchase, how can I trust this?

We have been selling courses since 2010 and you can check out our Italian VAT number (IT01162460313) and verify our existence in the Italian market (our company is based in Thiene, Italy).

Can I pay with a credit card like American Express?

Sure! You can use any major credit card including MasterCard, Visa, Maestro and American Express. If you wish to use PayPal there is even an option to go for that.

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