SPECIAL OFFER: Metameric Massage + Specific Treatments

total duration of the course: 10 hours

$ 888   – 96% off => $ 35,52



1,949 students already enjoyed it with great satisfaction!

(Total Duration:

Metameric Massage: 5 hours and 30 minutes;

Specific Treatments: 5 hours and 40 minutes)

Through the Metameric Massage video course you will learn:

  • How to master advanced Metameric Tecniques and appraise their effectiveness
  • Which are the relationships between massage and the nervous system (science and the holistic world)
  • When and where to intervene to get the best results through the Metameric Massage
  • A better understanding of the skills involved, thanks to tutorials where you will be guided step by step
  • How to perform everything, helped by a clear and straightforward language
  • How to recognise the various stess phases in time and their effect on the body
  • Which are the single steps to take in Metameric Massage and in which order you have to do them

Watch the video preview :

Inside the Specific Treatments video course you will find the following 19 videos:

  • Treatment for anxiety step by step.
  • Treatment of panic attacks
  • Treatment for carpal tunnel
  • Treatment for sinusitis
  • Treatment for cruralgia
  • Treatment for tingling in the arms and hands
  • Treatment for hip pain 
  • Treatment for knee pain
  • Treatment for depression
  • Treatment for the groin
  • Treatment for menstruation
  • Treatment for pregnant women
  • Treatment for elbow
  • Treatment for shoulders
  • Treatment for Baker’s cyst
  • Treatment for bunions
  • Treatment for ingrown nails
  • Treatment for ankle pain
  • Treatment for cellulite and belly

Watch the video preview :


Together with the courses you will receive the diagnosis sheet in order to document the feedback from the feet of the patient. You will then be able to follow and evaluate the process throughout time.

If you want you can also receive the complete Certificate for a very small price with your NAME, SURNAME and DATE to hang on your studio, or to keep for yourself in order to enrich your CV, please send us a quick email at


This offer is available just for today!

(I am not completely sure that tomorrow you will find such an unique offer)

total duration of the course: 10 hours


Ordering the course is very easy.

Metameric Massage = $ 498

Specific Treatments = $ 390

$ 888   – 96% off => $ 35,52

(As for today. The course comes with some gifts included in the price) 


There are 3 methods of payment:

  1. Payment by CREDIT CARD or DEBIT CARD
  2. Payment with PAYPAL
  3. Payment by WIRE TRANSFER to ZoneRiflesse Company Srl (International Iban: IT44Q 05034 60750 0000 0000 0931 ;  BIC/SWIFT:  BAPPIT21180)

Review #1

P.S.: You do not need “special requirements” to take part in this video courses; in fact you will be excited as you realise how easy it is to learn with videos that explain everything step by step.

P.S. #2: If you view this purchase as an investment, after giving 1  massage you will have made it worth the money. If you do it for passion you will have invested on your training path and it will always be worth as well.

P.S. #3: This program is different and unique compared to any other, because it explains everything unequivocally and takes you step by step to the realization of the Metameric Massage.

P.S. #4: Have you carefully read my “UNCONDITIONAL WARRANTY”? Have you ever seen such a guarantee before? This is the best investment you can do and it is 100% safe.

Here is what people have to say about our video courses:

It’s a helpful and excellent site.

Moniruzzaman Ahmed

Hi Francesco! I bought your video course on Metameric Massage and I loved it! I improved my skills and I learn many new massage techniques…

You’re the best teacher I’ve ever met, I want to thank you for everything you do!


Dmytro Shvets

I want to thank you for everything you do 🙂

I bought your video courses and they help me a lot… I learned many new techniques and what I like about your courses is that I can always watch them again in case I forget something. I’m so glad I met you, even if we’ve never talked face to face I feel like I know you because you were able to make me feel “part of the family” through your video-courses.


Chiara Gerace Logiudice

I’m so lucky because I met Francesco and his staff.
They created a real masterpiece… easy to understand even for beginners.
You put your heart and soul in your works.

Lilia Rosca

In case you have any doubt or any special request please do not esitate to contact us:






Review #2


Is the certificate valid to open a business?

The certificate has the value of personal recognition. You can hang it in your office if you want. To open a massage parlor you must first attend the course in person. There is always time to open your parlor and pay taxes. This video course will help you to learn to take the first steps into the world of Holistic Massage.

How do I download the course?

Easy, once you complete the payment a page will pup up and you will find the links to download directly onto your computer the whole course.

Can I only watch on streaming?

There is no streaming option, there are only links to download it directly to your computer (if you need to take it with you, you can copy it on a USB pen drive).

I have never made an online purchase, how can I trust this?

We have been selling courses since 2010 and you can check out our Italian VAT number (IT01162460313) and verify our existence in the Italian market (our company is based in Thiene, Italy).

Can I pay with a credit card like American Express?

Sure! You can use any major credit card including MasterCard, Visa, Maestro and American Express. If you wish to use PayPal there is even an option to go for that.

Review #3


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