duration of the course: 4 hours

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The First Course “Online” which will teach you  the best Massage Techniques for spinal column!

This video course will help you to improve all the problems that do not respond to “Conventional Treatments“.

Watch the video preview:

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Content of the course

Inside the course you will find the handbook filled with descriptions and images that will explain everything step by step

  • Welcome video and explanation of the course
  • Video of anatomy and physiology of the vertebral spine
  • Video explaining what is the vertebral techniques course for
  • Video explaining how to correctly identify and treat the 7 cervical vertebrae
  • Video explaining how to correctly identify and treat the 12 dorsal vertebrae
  • Video explaining how to correctly identify and treat the 5 lumbar vertebrae
  • Video explaining how to correctly identify and treat the 4 sacral vertebrae
  • Video explaining how to correctly identify and treat the coccyx
  • Video explaining how to correctly identify and treat every single cervical vertebra
  • Video explaining how to correctly identify and treat every single dorsal vertebra
  • Video explaining how to correctly identify and treat every single lumbar vertebra
  • Video explaining how to treat groin
  • Video explaining how to rearrange the posture
  • Video explaining how the spine is in search of constant balance with the teeth
  • Contraindications
  • Poster showing the connection between the spine and the teeth

dorsal manipulation

Review #1

What does the course come with?

The course consists of 17 technique video for a total duration of 5 hours and 30 minutes!

The format in which movies are made is: MPEG-4 (the most common one!)

The total weight of the 17 movie is 4 GB

If you follow me step-by-step I promise you will learn:

  • The anatomy and physiology of the spinal column!
  • To recreate a correct posture of the spine!
  • To restore a symmetrical ray of the spine and its joints!
  • To help the elimination of inflammatory substances that cause chronic back pain!
  • To improve the nutrition of the disc and articular cartilages.
  • Action to rebalance the teeth where there was a need.
  • To improve (chronic) gastrointestinal, genitourinary and respiratory disorders!
  • Where and when to intervene and when to avoid treatment.
  • How to improve (up to even cancel) the pain of herniated disc.
  • All connections between VERTEBRAE and TEETH.
  • How to tell if your posture is creating problems to the body and where it is overloading (analysis of shoes)
  • I’ll teach you a manipulation to improve (up also in many cases to ” solve “) the groin.
  • How to massage deep into each BOWEL and ORGAN.
  • The most clicked course on the web!

cervical manipulation

Review #2

My name is Francesco Ciaccia and I’m a masseur and a reflexologist since 1998! I started this fantastic work from an early age! Consider that I opened my own studio professional as soon as I was 21-year-old!

As of today I can boast the experience of 14 years of work and thousands of people treated with various massage techniques including the “Spinal Technique”

This video course is the result of 14 years of study and thought created for you that you are already in the field of Wellness!



Review #3


I tried in vain for years something like that with to no avail and so I decided to create it myself!

The result is nothing short of surprising place but I will leave to you the judgment of my latest creation!




Included in the price you will also receive free the course “VISCERAL TECHNIQUE”



Ordering the course is very easy.

duration of the course: 4 hours

 197$ =  50% off = only $98,50

Offer valid until Sunday



 197$ =  50% off = only $98,50


There are 3 methods of payment:

  1. Payment by CREDIT CARD or DEBIT CARD
  2. Payment with PAYPAL
  3. Payment by WIRE TRANSFER to ZoneRiflesse Company Srl (International Iban: IT44Q 05034 60750 0000 0000 0931 ;  BIC/SWIFT:  BAPPIT21180)

Review #4


Well, I’m not proposing a sterile book made ​​up of many color photos!

I’m proposing a complete step-by-step video course that will teach you all the best massage spinal techniques and how to harmonize again the spine in the specific: vertebra by vertebra!

Honestly, it would be almost impossible to remember each nerves branch off from each vertebra and all the ailments that since it is “compressed” or slightly tilted in its optimal position!

For this reason created a poster that you will receive for FREE with all connections (also between the spine and teeth)

poster vertebral techniques

In summary here is what constitutes the “Course of Spinal Technique”:

I am not exaggerating by saying that the value of this video course you will learn the basics and all its practical part, exceeds 800 €! Of course, if you’ve gotten this far you know how much they cost the courses that you absolutely loved and that teach you these concepts! It is well over 3500 €!

Honestly, what is the value of all this for you?                  

Considers that any book that deals with topics such costs over the 70-90 $! If you do not believe me, do a research on the Internet!

I offer you an entire video course of 5 hours and 30 minutes! So you can follow step by step and not “interpret” the static photographs (is what happens when you buy a book)!

Well, since I am aware that if I sold at 840 $ would be really very few people that could afford it (and my goal is to make it instead accessible many people as possible). So I decided to put it on sale for about a quarter of the price!



This is really a huge discount that will not be repeated ever again, so it’s up to you now to decide whether to buy it at a discounted price or not!

You have the time to take advantage of it. I also decided to give you a complimentary course on Visceral Technique (I remind you that its value is 150$)

dorsal manipulation

Ordering the course is very easy.

 197$ =  50% off = only $98,50

Offer valid until Sunday



duration of the course: 4 hours

 197$ =  50% off = only $98,50


There are 3 methods of payment:

  1. Payment by CREDIT CARD or DEBIT CARD
  2. Payment with PAYPAL
  3. Payment by WIRE TRANSFER to ZoneRiflesse Company Srl (International Iban: IT44Q 05034 60750 0000 0000 0931 ;  BIC/SWIFT:  BAPPIT21180)

P.S.: You do not need “special requirements” to take part in this video course; in fact you will be excited as you realise how easy it is to learn with videos that explain everything step by step.

P.S. #2: If you view this purchase as an investment, after giving 1or 2 TREATMENTS  you will have made it worth the money. If you do it for passion you will have invested on your training path and it will always be worth as well.

P.S. #3: This program is different and unique compared to any other, because it explains everything unequivocally and takes you step by step to the realization of the Metameric Massage.

P.S. #4: Have you carefully read my “UNCONDITIONAL WARRANTY”? Have you ever seen such a guarantee before? This is the best investment you can do and it is 100% safe.

Review #5

Here is what people have to say about our video courses:

I want scientific massage therapy course.

Dr Satish Wagh

Hi everybody I’m Henriette and I do massages for a living.

I’m so happy to give 5 stars to Francesco’s website Massage Courses Online!

I achieved excellent results thanks to his video courses, for example the sport massage course taught me how to increase the performance capacity…

His professionalism and his ability to teach make him the best massage teacher I’ve ever met! And if you have any doubt he’s always there for you and ready to explain everything you need.

Thank you Francesco!



Hello Francesco.

Your video courses are, to say the least, INCREDIBLE!

Despite the intrinsic complexity of the subject you teach, your lectures are marvellously simple. I would suggest these courses to everyone but especially to the skeptics.

Francesco’s teaching abilities are his natural talent, you have plenty of it to sell man!

My most sincere congratulations, you can tell you put a lot of dedication and love in your passion. In addition of getting of your video courses I will also take part in your courses in person.

Loredana Calzavara (physiotherapist)

I’ve done the foot reflexology course with Francesco Ciaccia and I can tell you that he was born to teach massage and in addition he’s also a very nice person. I had the opportunity to learn this wonderful technique which helped me a lot in my job. Thanks to Francesco’s video-course I learned how to solve many problems only by using the reflexology.

I suggest you all try his courses… they’re amazing!


Sandra Fiori

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Is the certificate valid to open a business?

The certificate has the value of personal recognition. You can hang it in your office if you want. To open a massage parlor you must first attend the course in person. There is always time to open your parlor and pay taxes. This video course will help you to learn to take the first steps into the world of Holistic Massage.

How do I download the course?

Easy, once you complete the payment a page will pup up and you will find the links to download directly onto your computer the whole course.

Can I only watch on streaming?

Yes there is  streaming option, there are links to download it directly to your computer (if you need to take it with you, you can copy it on a USB pen drive).

I have never made an online purchase, how can I trust this?

We have been selling courses since 2010 and you can check out our Italian VAT number (IT01162460313) and verify our existence in the Italian market (our company is based in Thiene, Italy).

Can I pay with a credit card like American Express?

Sure! You can use any major credit card including MasterCard, Visa, Maestro and American Express. If you wish to use PayPal there is even an option to go for that.

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