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Foot massage: how to re-establish energy equilibrium

Foot massage: how to re-establish energy equilibrium

Foot massage benefits: how to re-establish the energy equilibrium of the body

The foot massage is a technique that, through the massage on specific areas of the foot, re-establishes the energy equilibrium of the body.

Through the stimulation and the pressure on specific reflex points on the feet, the foot massage allows to carry out a precautionary action against possible organism imbalances.

This ancient knowledge dates back to ancient eastern civilizations, but different types of documents demonstrate that this technique was performed also by pre-Columbian civilizations and by Native Americans. We found a representation of a foetus on a foot in the Camonica Valley, in the Italian Alps: the parietal artwork was done about 6000 years ago.

Some fundamentals principles concerning foot reflexology have been understood only recently, thanks to Ivan P. Pavlon and an American doctor called William Fitzgerald, who started to decipher them.

Eunice D. Ingham and Joe Shelby Riley developed Fitzgerald’s work, publishing the book “Stories books can tell”. This was the beginning of the first reflexology school.

Today Eunice D. Ingham is considered the founder of modern western reflexology. His theory is based on the idea that the foot represents a map of the whole human body where reflex points of the organs lay.

Feet have a very important job because they hold up the whole body. They deserve to be taken care of and to be treated with care.

The foot massage results in healthy effects in three different situations:

– congestion

– inflammation

– tension

The reflexologist begins the treatment with a careful observation of the feet and their shape. But also, he checks the body posture, the way you move and the way you walk.

The foot reflexology therapy is made up of three main moments:

  1. searching for week points
  2. general re-equilibration of the various organs treatment
  3. personalised treatment, depending on the problem you want to take on

Usually, the foot reflexology treatment lasts for 45 minutes: each session takes from 10 to 12 minutes.

– avoid treating diseases when you should have surgery or when mycosis affect large surfaces

Feet represents our support base, our contact with the Mother Hearth. During massage treatments on these areas impulses will be provided. They will re-establish the correct functionality, both for energy and the vascular system.

What is the foot massage for?

Plantar reflexology is useful for:

– headache

– back pain

– articular pains

– cystitis

– congestion

– cellulite

– stress

– cramps

– osteoarthritis

– anxiety

– insomnia

It also helps quitting smoking.

It also:

– improves blood circulation

– reduces stress and nervous tension

– induces a relaxation state

– activates the endocrinal system

– reduces the inflammations of the urinary system

– regulates the hormonal functions of the genital male and female apparatus

– regulates the digesting system in cases like gastritis, colitis and constipation

Above all of this, reflexology has the power to activate a process of self-healing in the body.

Between one session and the next one, some bad reactions may occur, like:

– weeping crisis

– mucus secretion

– eczemas and pimples

– over sweating

– intestinal gases

– vagina leaks

The onset of one or more of these reactions shouldn’t make you worry because they’re perfectly normal. They mean the body is reacting. With the elimination of the toxins and the stress reduction the body gets back to its wellbeing condition.

Who is a reflexology session for?

Each of us can benefit from a foot reflexology session. People of any age can undergo this kind of treatment: men, women, children and old people.

The results of a treatment can vary between every individual, because no organism is equal to anyone else. Reflexology acts on every body level and can only induce good effects.

We have prepared a couple of free demonstration videos, so that you can immediately have a look at how to practise these techniques in order to be able to provide a foot therapy massage. Just follow this link.

We’ve prepared a few step by step demonstration videos to let you discover how to immediately put these techniques into practise.

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