Foot massage

Foot massage

Are you ready to do a great foot massage?

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Now let us come to us and how to make an excellent feet massage! This will represent for you a flawless guide to be the best massage therapist in your area and make the super professional massages!

First, you have to ask the person you want to massage to get in a comfortable position. The optimum would be lying down in front of you, or sitting on a chair … Get a massage cream! Just a little bit not to slide too much….
Begin to rub the cream from top to down or from the toes to the ankle so to follow the blood and lymph flow…. Already at this early stage, the feelings you donate to the body will be of great pleasure! Many people claim to feel the benefits up to the head … the more the person is tired the more a good foot massage is perceived as something regenerative!

Massaging feet and body would be optimal but in many cases even massaging feet is already a great way to reset fatigue and stress!

kneading with your thumbs

Foot massage

The second step is to perform a kneading of the feet with your thumbs with opposed hands … (see picture above) … you should repeat this for 2-5 minutes always from the top to down … your hands will feel the foot deflate from fluid retention and even the color will return to a natural pink … you’ll notice the difference between the color of a massaged foot and one you still have to massage…

Intra-tendinous groove

The third step is to make intra-tendinous grooves to loosen all muscle groups in depth! This step is essential also to give a long lasting relaxation…. Consider that with this massage you also loosens the parasympathetic nervous system as the nerves present in the foot also loosen! If you like you can insist on the solar plexus area (I explain it very well during the online Reflexology training), if you do not know it, it is located on the plantar area of the joints of the second layer and the third finger … try to believe!

Rotational movement

The fourth step is to make a twist of fingers. Be careful not to break them! I am joking… now I will explain how to do it! Get the big toe finger and begin to make a circular motion clockwise and then counterclockwise … do the same thing with the other fingers, one at a time! By the way, do you know how you call your toes? Everyone knows only the name of the first finger or toe … the second toe is called Long Toe, the third finger is called Ring Toe, the fourth finger is also called Ring Toe and fifth finger is called Baby toe or Pinky toe!

foot massage

Squeezing of the muscles of the feet

The fifth step of the foot massage consists in making a squeezing of the muscles of the feet on the plantar area! You will perform this step holding down tightly the foot with one hand and with the other fist closed, you will do circular pressures from top to bottom!

Mobilization of the ankle

Last step is the mobilization of the ankles! Massaging feet is an art but it is also simple to learn! The latter step can be carried out by stretching the entire dorsal musculature of the foot downwards and across the plantar muscles stretching upwards (or better towards the customer …)!

There are other steps to be carried out on foot … but to start you now have some good foundations! Below you will find access to free video where you will receive as a gift the specific video concerning foot massage technique!

I would appreciate to receive your opinion on this post and how you found yourself practicing all my hints! Feel free to post your comments in the space below.

Francesco Ciaccia

We’ve prepared a few step by step demonstration videos to let you discover how to immediately put these techniques into practise.

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