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I am the founder of ZoneRiflesse Academy, an association where you can find the best learning material concerning Massages and Plantar Reflexology. Since 1998 I have been working in this field in my studio in Gorizia, Italy and I have been taking lectures throughout the main Italian cities since 2012. Find out more about me, Francesco Ciaccia.

My greatest passion is to teach others all my knowledge, in order to train highly skilled people. You can take on this profession and make the difference in the holistic world!

After 13 years of intense work and dedication I acquired the proper experience for teaching. Therefore I founded the website ZoneRiflesse.it, the Italian leader operator in Holistic technique online learning!

I’m currently receiving my customers either in my Thiene and in my Gorizia studio.


I am working for ZoneRiflesse.it with great passion, taking care of customer service, sales, administration and everything about accounting assistance.

The working atmosphere in the office is always highly positive. Staying in touch with Francesco Ciaccia and all the rest of the staff gives me the opportunity to grow up professionally every day.

The thing I love most is to interact with all the people who contact us every day: they always demonstrate us huge affection and personal esteem.

Every day we strive for excellence. We want to guarantee the best to our customers in order to satisfy every request.


I am taking care of customer service, especially every time customers need help. I am both really happy and honoured to help in this team made out of professionals. We handle hundreds of emails and phone calls every single day. The thing that mostly makes us proud is to know that every “virtual customer” (that is how Francesco refers to them) is extremely satisfied of our lectures.

Furthermore I am taking care of setting up events all around Italy and abroad. If Live Courses are always full is also because of me. Working in harmony together with Francesco, Valentina, Giovanna and Andrea is definitely rewarding.



I am Francesco Ciaccia right arm, either in personal life and in his amazing job.

In addition to being his wife I am also a member of the crew, helping managing all the administrative tasks.

It takes a long time to support the customers. We want them to experience a super-efficient service every time they come in contact with us.

I must admit that when you have to take care of such a business you can never get some time off. But I can also say, with utmost sincerity, that when we feel the enthusiasm and the esteem from all our students who text us or call us every day, this fills us with priceless joy.


My name is Chiara Novilla and I’m the new one. I immediately integrated well in the group and I feel like I’m part of the “family”.

I am taking care of the technical part of the website and the management of the live courses. We are always trying to provide the best service to our clients and even though it is not easy I find it extremely satisfied.

I  am very lucky to work with Francesco who always encourages the group to achieve more in order to assure our customers’ satisfaction.



He is in charge of the web marketing of ZoneRiflesse.it

He manages every technical aspect both of Massage-Courses-Online.com as well as the italian website.

He has been working for Italo Cillo (ItaloCillo.it) until his death in 2016 and he keeps on taking care of all the technical sides of the portals such as EnergyTraining.it and many more.

He is working for many different web trainers and websites, including the Zoneriflesse project in Italy, which happens to be the #1 web training site for massage and plantar reflexology in the Italian speaking world, now available also in English.

It provides all its professionalism to make sure that everything works excellently! In case you want to get to know him more closely here is his personal blog: www.andrealeti.it

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