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You can get ALL our exclusive courses, you can learn what you want at a dirt cheap price! 12 VIDEO COURSES with more than 35 HOURS of LESSONS to learn the BEST MASSAGE TECHNIQUES


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What will you learn

By purchasing the golden offer you will have exclusive access to the 12 video courses of our academy, where you will learn the manual skills and massage techniques that have helped thousands of professionals around the world to achieve exceptional results by eliminating the problems and needs of their customers

Who Would Benefit from This Course?

This course is by far the most popular course for massage therapists, physiotherapists and wellness professionals from all over the world (you can find us in over 100 countries worldwide).

Golden Offer includes 12 video courses from our academy

For you, a complete training course with certificate for each course included.

Metameric Massage

How to master advanced Metameric Techniques and appraise their effectiveness


You will move your hands just like a professional masseur, melting away all the most deep tensions


The anatomy and physiology of the spinal column; To help the elimination of inflammatory substances that cause chronic back pain!


You will become an expert of the Sport Massage. As a result, the number of treatments that you do will increase


I prepared a video-course where I will teach you all the techniques of Lymphatic drainage inspired by the Vodder method


The number of the massages that you give will increase and the same will happen to the number of “solved problems”


How to master advanced Connective Massage and appraise their effectiveness


How to master the Hot Stone Massage technique to get the best results; When and where to use this technique to get the best out of it


How to master the Reflexology techniques; How to massage the various reflex points in order to relax, rebalance and unwind the body


Many more new Reflex Areas than the Foot Reflexology -1st Level video course and how to treat them


You will learn the techniques for loosening the MyoFascial chain POSTERIOR, FRONT, SIDE and CROSS.

Headache solution

In addition to discovering all the CAUSES that induce your Headache, you will discover 8 super effective techniques with IMMEDIATE effect.

Get better results

Learn new skills wherever you are and when you feel like it.

Students share their experience

I purchased Metameric massage, and it made a great difference in my professional work! It MADE A HUGE IMPACT for many of my clients! Now I purchased also another 5 of Fcancesco's courses, hope to make the most of it! Good work Francesco!!! I recommend with all my heart his courses!!!
Weissbuch Lucian
Hi I have bought all the massage courses and it is very helpfull indeed , he does not rush to get it over and done with, no he explains it very well en understandable. the video's are good quality and massage shown from various angles. I enjoyed it and i hope you will too. 😁
Medium Marqueritte
Looking over this course at first, having trouble with payment area I thought it was a scam, but to my surprise it is not. I gave it another try and everything payment and download was very successful. Looking over this course I HIGHLY recommend investing in this course, it will definitely bring your understanding of how the body works and responds to a variety of emotions related to organs and different zones on the body. Your clients will get massive results. Thank you for offering this online course ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Rebecca Young


The total value of the 12 courses, if purchased individually, is over $ 1484.

While the Gold Offer price is normally $ 597

But for a few days you can take advantage of the price that follows!


From Monday August 17, 2020 the price will increase to $ 497

Frequently asked questions

The certificate has the value of personal recognition. You can hang it in your office if you want. To open a massage therapy practice you must first attend the course in person. There is always time to open your practice and pay taxes. This video course will help you  learn to take the first steps into the world of Holistic Massage.

From now on it is much easier to access our video-courses …. You will be able to access them in total freedom wherever you are in the world …. Simple and very effective. We have removed the download so that you will be updated every time we update the videos

Our Academy is always the most requested choice by our students … it allows you to have ALL our courses at a lower price and pay a small monthly fee. You decide how long to remain subscribed (whether it’s a single day or several months …). At any time you can cancel your subscription (directly from your account) or simply by writing an email to: videomassageonline@gmail.com. YOUR SATISFACTION IS OUR PRIORITY!

Sure! You can use any major credit card including MasterCard, Visa, Maestro and American Express. If you wish to use PayPal there is even an option to go for that.