Improve the cardiac activity with reflexology

How to improve cardiac activity by use of plantar reflexology

In the past days I’ve created a long list of everything (or almost everything) where plantar reflexology can be of help to you in various situations. In the following text I go into more detail.

Let’s start by saying that our objective is to help a person, who suffers from heart problems and never want to substitute the medicinal cures. Reflexological stimulation in the specific case of the heart can  be of great help, however we have to know where and how to place our hands. Getting to know if the person has any heart problems from the foot is not a simple practice, thus we shouldn’t be playing the game of “guess” and should always ask our patient to let us know of any existing problems.

The heart point is situated on the right foot, above the cardiac point. You can define the point, where to apply the stimulation from the photo below. There is another point, named the “circulation point”, which identifies the zone of the vessel and capillary grid, adept to nutrition of our body.


The heart point in plantar reflexology

What are the differences between the heart point and the circulation point in reflexology?

The heart should be stimulated for all the physical and psychiatric problems

(I’ll come to that soon), the circulation point for all for all the circulatory problems (cold feet, a lot of broken capillaries, slow blood circulation).

Physical signs of when the heart is not in equilibrium

At the energetic level two opposite situations could occur. As said before, heart has direct correlation with joy. If we are living the moments on the physical level of energetical deductions, we can assist the implications with consequences to the heart itself or related energetical functions (see below the somatizations of the heart on full), meanwhile if we live a long period where we consume these energies in excess, we are assisting in other somatizations (see below the somatizations of the heart on empty)



Heart and  plantar reflexology

HEART ON FULL: sensation  of bitterness in your mouth, mental overexcitement, senseless laughter (do you know anyone who laughs like this on any occasion?), devouring love (the person falls in great love, makes grand gestures, speaks of it like it’s the greatest love of their life every time they fall in love). Passions are of greatest potency: try to understand me, to fall in love is a great thing, but these passions take it to the maximum exaggeration; then we have also: unsettled character, over intense laughter, excessive impulsivity!

HEART ON EMPTY: palpitation and restlessness, short breath (implication of diaphragm problems), purple lips and nails (in this case it is also the involvement of the diaphragm, that has blocked and altered the circulation), amnesia (little moments of memory loss; names or situations), shyness (they are withered by the feeling of love), sorrows (greater sensibility to sorrows).

Stimulation these zones by means of plantar reflexology we see in the span of a month or two (after approx. 5-10 sessions) improvements of these primary signs (the ones that affect the heart directly) and of those secondary (heart on full or on empty).

U shot pay great attention to the points below:

  1. Never replace a physician
  2. Your role is that of a support to conventional medicine
  3. Never suggest going off meds
  4. Never delude or promise a person that you will heal more or less serious problems
  5. Apply 1 or 2 sessions of reflexology per week

Your objective is to stimulate the reflex points for a faster recovery, by making them feel better and to restore as much as possible the energetic equilibrium.

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Francesco Ciaccia

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