Lymphatic drainage Video

Lymphatic drainage Video: proper specifications…

The manual lymph drainage is still nowadays the most common therapy available to obtain optimal results both aesthetic and “therapeutic” … it is executed by skilled staff and lymphatic drainage courses are very expensive to say the least!

However, why does this technique get so much attention? Is it really so useful? The answer is just one: definitely YES! There are several schools of thought about what is the best lymphatic drainage technique but undoubtedly the one elaborated and developed by Dr. Emil Vodder is still the most used in the world! It provides a long series of steps on the body rigorously performed without oil! However, will it be so effective only without oil?

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Lymphatic drainage videos based on Vodder method

Did you see the Video about the presentation of LYMPH DRAINAGE? Here it is below:
Well without making our beloved Vodder turn in his grave, I can state that the oil version is definitely more pleasant to receive, simpler to be executed and equally effective! Now, if you’re reading this post and you just spent 2,500 euro to learn how to do it, surely you will not agree with what is written, but try to set aside everything you know and try for once to do it with oil and therefore with essential oil on open areas! Obviously the oil to be used will be optimized for the stimulation of the lymphatic system … You’ll also note a major execution simplicity and how the latter can better support you to tune into the lymphatic system giving you a much more “sliding”
manual confidence.

Lymphatic drainage videos

How should we do then a MANUAL LYMPH DRAINAGE? We just said that the lymphatic drainage courses are really expensive, but nowadays we have a tool that did not exist in Vodder days: namely the Internet! I also provided a full video course of lymphatic drainage where you can learn all the steps and all the sequences to be made! To ensure you can also learn it from home I wanted to specifically facilitate it without losing effectiveness! First of all the technique is illustrated using oil (you will see how much better is also for you to use this variant) and many steps have been simplified to avoid many of these get lost on the road…

Manual lymphatic drainage

Obviously, a manual lymphatic drainage is 10 times more effective than one done with machines! Despite the existence of very valid machinery, remember that a machinery: does not see, does not hear, does not “touch”, namely does not fit to the body that is working on but it is usually the body that adapts to the machinery .. Definitely, a result will unveil but for traditionalists and true professionals remember to use the manual lymph drainage.

Lymphatic drainage videos based on Vodder method

Soon I will post some photos with the opening areas to be performed on the neck, armpits, groin and everything you need to know about lymph drainage! Believe me it is a really easy to learn dexterity also extremely efficient, very sweet (more suited to a woman operator, but also men, once they leave out their brutal force, can do a good job) and pleasant both for those who do and for those who receive it! Watch the entire presentation video, know that there is also a full video of lymphatic drainage at a very low price to say the least, given its quality and the opportunity to learn things that until recently you would have been “forced” to spend a fortune! Below I leave room for those who have already attended my video course of lymphatic drainage to know if you use it and what results has given you! Then let us toast for lymphatic drainage with oil!
See you soon …

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We’ve prepared a few step by step demonstration videos to let you discover how to immediately put these techniques into practise.

You’ll find all the materials clicking on the green button below:


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