Lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage: the right remedy for cellulite

Dearest ladies, you had prepared before the holidays with lymphatic drainage massages and beauty treatments with various creams and the use of various machinery generally, more or less effective, to be ready and perfect for the “swimsuit test”.

Now that the holidays are over the suspect pops up in you that all drank cocktails, the plentiful good food eaten and the sweet doing nothing in the shade of an umbrella lying on a cot, in a few weeks destroyed all the hard sacrifices made between a strict diet and several beauty treatments.
So, if looking at your thighs and buttocks you keep seeing the unaesthetic but also harmful to your health “orange peel”, I recommend you to plan with your beauty center or your trusted masseur  a serious program of sessions of lymphatic drainage massage which must be scheduled once a week for about 30 minutes per session.

What exactly is the lymphatic drainage and what kind of massage technique is it?

The lymphatic drainage is a set of body dexterities performed by the operator during the massage especially in areas where excess fluid stagnate in the subcutaneous layer (thighs, stomach, buttocks and hips), and which, if not regularly and properly drained through lymphatic vessels, can generate a real inflammation and degeneration of the connective tissue molecules, a skin disorder manifested by the well-known “orange peel” imperfection, familiar to many women. In this case the massage technique is about performing a manual kneading and light and delicate pressures towards the lymph nodes (points from where the liquids are disposed from the body), given that the lymphatic system is superficial. Typically, this type of body treatment is performed with little or no oil or creams, this is to ensure the best grip possible to the masseur’s hands on the patient’s skin.

Draining excess liquid to the ejection points, promotes circulation and the generation of always new and clean vital lymph, in order to avoid tissue inflammation that, if persisting for a long, can lead straight to the cellulite phenomenon.



The best-known and most widely used method of lymphatic drainage massage is definitely the “Vodder” method, which consists mainly of a lymphatic fluid push toward the heart and in this direction, a manual lymphatic thrust should be performed. The treatment is executed mainly in two distinct phases which consist firstly in the opening of the lymph nodes in order to free major blocks and obstructions of the lymph node stations and in a second phase by proceeding with the pumping of the lymph toward the heart with a slow and simple technique, made of light small pressure of the fingers together and especially of the fingertips.
This technique, as well as being effective and healthy for this situation that have to be considered a real disease, is a type of very relaxing and soothing massage, so, as I always recommend, commit time to all those treatments that can fight your stress, especially if they also benefit your body health.

We are going to meet soon to go through a new interesting topic on the massage world.

Francesco Ciaccia

We’ve prepared a few step by step demonstration videos to let you discover how to immediately put these techniques into practise.

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