New Foot Reflexology course: discover these massage techniques

We hear quite often about Foot Reflexology, do we really know what it is though?

There are a lot of Foot Reflexology courses available, but what do they speak about? Let’s start from the beginning!

Foot Reflexology boasts really ancient origins. You may not knew that a Foot Reflexology chart map was found in an Egyptian tomb: it actually dates back to 4300 years ago.

It had its major development in China and India. The first confirmed treatments date back to 5000 years BC! However, the discipline was imported in the Western World only in the XX century.
William Fitzgerald, an American doctor, is considered to be the father of Foot Reflexology. He was in fact the first who use this discipline in its field, discovering how many beneficial effects it has on our bodies. At the beginning he was using this technique to anaesthetise specific body parts.

I must start by saying that when we talk about Foot Reflexology, we are always considering an holistic discipline, so it’s not an alternative to conventional medicine. The Foot reflexologist is not a doctor, he does not substitute him and cures must not be neglected.

We could define it as a “side therapy” you can use to optimise the results of the drugs, to speed up the disposal of our body waste toxins, but also, more simply, to accelerate the healing process!

Feet have an extraordinary amount of nervous terminations, which have a reflex effect on the whole body.

Foot Reflexology affects the entire body in order to reach an harmony and equilibrium state.


What does it consist of, to be precise?

Foot reflexology reflects a map of our body in the feet: that means organs, innards, spinal column and so on.

The left foot represents the left side, whereas the right foot (you guessed it) represents instead the right side of our body.

Stimulating these zones that cause a reflex (obviously insisting more on the parts we reckon they require most) we will recover or improve that organ activity. Pressure doesn’t have to be nor too much to cause pain to the customer, nor too light. It has to be just right, a good middle way.

The 2 major hand skills: Stimulation and Sedation

  • Stimulation is like a rhythmic pressure iteration
  • Sedation is a finger pressure

You will stimulate every point or zone for about 2 minutes, and the whole treatment will have a total duration of 30 to 40 minutes.

In the Foot Reflexology video course you’ll find on this website, we deal with this topic in details, taking different real issues as our study cases. You will find different diagnoses for every kind of feet.

You’ll notice how many beneficial effects you will get! Moreover, there are no side effects, that means you’ll not harm the person you’re treating in any way.

After following the reflexology course you’ll find here online, you’ll be able to put this new discipline in a treatment you already offer in your wellness centre.

I’m sure you’ll notice huge satisfaction and amazing results! Please keep updated with our posts.

Take care, hope to see you soon!

Francesco Ciaccia

We’ve prepared a few step by step demonstration videos to let you discover how to immediately put these techniques into practise.

You’ll find all the materials clicking on the green button below:


Did you enjoy reading this article? If there’s anything else you’d like to know or you just want to say something concerning the topic, leave us a comment below. We’d really appreciate to know what you think.

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