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The secrets of reflexology

The secrets of reflexology

The Plantar Reflexology Map bases its foundations already in 2500 A.C., so then 5000 years ago or so … many graffiti were found depicting ancient body maps showing that already at that time it was assumed there were reflection links between the foot and the rest of the body.

I remember reading about some books that first stimulations were made with rubber bands pressing on certain points and in the following days considerable improvements were observed… for instance by pressing the big toe area was noted that a few hours later the “headache” reduced its intensity !!! Well what can we say … wonderful!

To date there are a number of reflexology Maps and thanks to the Internet it is also possible to find them quickly. Since, as you well know, I like to provide you with the highest training quality I decided to present all reflexology maps I personally designed to you!

Do not forget, you can also use them on your website but do not even think about accidentally to remove the trademark that identifies them (you would risk a legal action complaint and I remind you that half of lawyers in Gorizia are customers of mine and very bloodthirsty, hihih hee hi hi).

Foot Reflexology poster


So just to start, as read so far, you deserve the first Plantar Map (simply click the link to the left and the download will start). More than a plantar map is the best poster of Reflexology. I recommend you to print it in 50 x 70 format and then hang it in the studio! You would really make a great impression as you can explain simply the various foot reflex areas!

Foot Map of Plantar Reflexology

However, if you have stumbled upon this site probably you really desired to have an original Foot Reflexology Map! Of course, you will be satisfied immediately! Click on the link to download the first plantar map.
In this plantar map will find all the foot-related reflex zones… or at least the most common! I precise it not because it is an incomplete map, but because there are other reflex zones on the back, the lateral and the internal foot side! “Te gusta” Reflexology, don’t you?

[rlt_youtube_video video_id=”uW56aqs-qgQ”][/rlt_youtube_video]

Dorsal-lateral Foot Reflexology map

Below you can also download the lateral and dorsal side map! Click here to start the download!

Plantar map with different perspectives

Click here to start the download also this map!

If I am not mistaken, I guess I gave you all the maps even if one image is missing the call! Well let me put here the link to download one last map (then, sorry but they are over)!

I remind you that you also have my online course on plantar reflexology followed already by 500 people in Italy (and now available in English). You can evaluate a lot of free stuff and only then, you will decide you a potential purchase!
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It is an A to Z complete course where you will find explained comprehensively all you need to know about Reflexology! You will find maps, diagnosis cards, and tutorial video on how to draw the various reflex zones and much more! It is time to say goodbye, looking forward to seeing you participate to the online Reflexology course, all right?
See you soon then…

We’ve prepared a few step by step demonstration videos to let you discover how to immediately put these techniques into practise.

You’ll find all the materials clicking on the green button below:

reflexology video-course

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