Reflexology School: Hidden Truths

Foot reflexology

The most appraised Reflexology school in Italy is the one proposed by Francesco Ciaccia!

Everyone who took an online or in person course said that. Do you know which is the secret?

Easy. A new way of teaching using modern techniques: that means internet. In case you were looking for a reflexology school in you neighbourhood then you’ve found it! That’s because, thanks to the brand new teaching format, you can follow the course straight from your couch! Remember that I’m not talking about a sterile DVD containing a spurious explanation that says: “click and get this”.

I’m proposing you a true and complete Foot Reflexology video course you’ve never seen before!

The good thing, just because I understand the skepticism in many of you, it’s that I’ve prepared for you the first videos you can download for free: click here to get them! Set aside your mistrust for a moment and get the first free videos now. Then put them into practise and see how easy it is!

Yeah yeah, I know you were seeking for a Reflexology school with a in the flesh teacher. Well, it’s your lucky day. You know why? You’ll be able to access to in person Reflexology courses we’re organising all around the world through the year. More and more dates will be available: it’s going to be a huge pleasure to have you as a student of mine!

Brace yourself because I’m going to disclose a secret many of my students take advantage of. Studying online from home all the things I’m going to teach you through the virtual Reflexology school and then with me in person, you’ll basically learn double the thing you’d learn attending a traditional Reflexology school!

I remained gob smacked when I saw how many students can learn everything without forgetting anything! In a traditional Reflexology school that doesn’t offer this kind of material and organisation you may risk to study for a long time and then forget part of the concept which are not always that easy to remember. There are many details to remember, but the charts will surely help you. You need to have, I really mean it, some demonstration videos that only my Reflexology school can offer you. The Reflexology school access is immediate: you can decide whether it’s what you were looking for or not just after you’ve watched those first videos I was talking about before.

Trust me, you’ll remain enthusiastic about it. You’ve got nothing to loose. I want to make you one of the best Reflexologist in your town. I want you to be part of the huge enthusiasm felt by the people who already attended these courses.

Don’t worry. I’ll be there to guide you in this amazing new path and I’ll answer all you questions when we will meet during the organised courses. Then my advice is to first watch the Reflexology school video courses and then take your time to decide. Don’t rush to subscribe to a course and then realise they’re too expensive or maybe just too hard for you. A lot of other schools are available, but they usually don’t offer some videos you can watch at home. You’ll never forget anything with us! I’ll let you watch the free videos now. See you soon 🙂

Francesco Ciaccia

Tuesday 6 December 2016

(translated by Giuseppe Ruzzante)

We’ve prepared a few step by step demonstration videos to let you discover how to immediately put these techniques into practise.

You’ll find all the materials clicking on the green button below:


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