Using foot reflexology to regain good mood

As you have read in the previous posts there are many situations where plantar reflexology can be of help. In this post I will explain how the people who aren’t feeling well,  or even worse, they find themselves facing a lot o emotional stress or even depression.

In such cases the person might already be following a medical treatment, prescribed by their physician. It is very important to keep them on that cure and try to work and combine the reflexology treatment with the medical treatments.

What is it that the mood depends on and how to improve it with reflexology?

As you might know mood changes in relation to the concentrations of the hormones circulating the body at that moment. If the balance is broken (depending on the gland controlling the hormone), the mood changes also. For example let’s take the  mood  swings in women during the pre-menstrual cycle (my wife is at times unbearable; just kidding). To help regaining good mood, we can use reflexology and apply it’s methods to the following glands:

  1. Pituitary gland (controls the production of hormones in all the other glands)
  2. Thyroid gland (it has the greatest effect on the mood)
  3. Ovaries and the testicles (either as reflex zone or the fingertip of the third toe)

How and where to stimulate the pituitary gland using plantar reflexology



Stimulating the pituitary and  thyroid gland in plantar reflexology

The reflex point of the pituitary gland can be found on the big toe, and it’s not found at the center of the fingertip(as many studies say) but where the concentric circles of the skin meet ( it commonly coincides with the center of the fingertip, but not always; the center of the circles should be taken as reference).

Stimulate the pituitary for approx. 2 minutes per foot and you   can expect great results. Applying this treatment (and all the others in this post) once per week is already enough to achieve great satisfaction from your clients.

Pay special attention not to massage too deep as the overstimulation of the fingertips can be very painful. I suggest you  use the special stick (found on discount here). On the pain scale of 1-10 the pain should  never exceed an 8 (which is already a lot, you should ask your client to bear it for a bit). Start cautiously and then intensify squeezing in circular and counter clock-wise manner.

Stimulating the thyroid for a turnaround effect

The thyroid gland  amongst all its duties also controls our mood (also metabolism, sleep, menstrual cycle,…)

After stimulating the pituitary gland as described above, you should stimulate the thyroid gland at both feet. Before going into greater detail I would like you to remember that it has two lobes (right and left one) which reflect on feet. Respectively the right lobe can be found on the right foot and  is the one which stimulates, the left lobe which can respectively be found on the left foot however sedates. The thyroid when working properly is in working equilibrium between stimulation and pacification, if one of these functions overrules, unbalances begin to occur.

What I suggest us working both lobes on the feet (the zone can be found under the big toe, as one of the support point of the foot) for approx. 2-3minutes per point. The result here are also great when applied in combination with the treatments for the pituitary gland and those for the testicular-ovary gland.

How to stimulate the ovaries and the testicles on the foot?


Reflex zone of the testicles and the ovaries

There are certain points on the foot which can help us in energetic stimulation of the testicles and ovaries by method of reflexology. These points can be found on the outer malleolus. Work them well for approx. 2 minutes per point and then move on to the testicular-ovary zone on the fingertip of the third toe, always with the special stick. Working these points (they are very painful so keep in mind not to exceed the pain level (7-8 on the scale of 1-10).


Stimulation zone to intervene on the mood.

As said before, the results of only a few sessions are excellent (the results are already visible after the first session).

We’ve prepared a few step by step demonstration videos to let you discover how to immediately put these techniques into practise.

You’ll find all the materials clicking on the green button below:


reflexology video-course

Did you enjoy reading this article? If there’s anything else you’d like to know or you just want to say something concerning the topic, leave us a comment below. We’d really appreciate to know what you think.

Francesco Ciaccia

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